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The Colorado Lifestyle equals

The Colorado Experience

When you look at the most sought-after and beautiful cities and communities around the world, one quickly recognizes is how much emphasis and pride they have in their culture. It’s palatable with almost every aspect and experience of daily life.

what is colorado springs culture?

Culture consists of a great many things that together, add up to leave an indelible mark on its citizens and visitors. It’s an immersion into what it means to be in that environment – Everything from the local cuisine to events, colors and art, performing arts, music, sports, dance, our origins and shared history, and how we celebrate life, our surroundings, and what it means to embrace and embody the Colorado lifestyle – the Colorado Experience.

Like many of our community leaders, we believe economic development and the arts go hand in hand. Much of what our community has built around is blossoming now: Outdoor lifestyle, the arts, music, theater, sports, hospitality, technology, and active lifestyle, space and the final frontier, armed services and the protection of a nation and its people, spiritual life, and so much more…

Across our community individuals, companies and groups

are adding to our culture

Time, resources, and energy are being poured into those experiences that truly enrich our lives. And there’s been no spared expense here in Colorado Springs and El Paso County. The City for Champions alone has spurred on some of the most unique destinations in all the U.S. – The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum, and soon the new Air Force Visitor’s Center, and so much more.

Across our community individuals, companies and groups are adding to our culture: Our gorgeous ENT Center for Performing Arts, the Colorado Springs Conservatory, World Arena, The Space Foundation, gentrification efforts across town, concert halls, countless new dining experiences, sports fields, city-wide art, and coming soon – a wonderful campaign for the restoration of our historical City Auditorium as by lead community leaders like Linda Weise who you’ll meet in December’s edition of NORTH. And really, we’re just getting started!

The community inspires artists

from all around

Colorado Springs and surrounding communities and the Pikes Peak Region inspire artists to create magical experiences going back to Katharine Lee Bates’ writing of America the Beautiful. We welcome you to enjoy our presentation, but also, we want to invite you to add to it.

Here, we’ll provide community calendars and schedules for “must-see” and “must-do” experiences.

If you want to add to it, please email us, and let’s get your information to ALL of northern Colorado Springs and El Paso County.