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Where we Work

This unique multimedia platform was designed for You – the amazing individuals, families, small and large businesses, schools, restaurants, sporting and cultural centers, and more, that make up this incredible community. Our content, promotions, and informational venues were chosen intentionally to reflect where we live, work, & play.

We are Growing Stronger By The Day

The northern Colorado Springs business community is growing stronger by the day.  Business leaders and developers who have planted their flag on this end of town are creating a gravitational pull for tourist travel and leisure dollars, to enter and remain in the area. 

We also have several neighboring communities that have been staples in the El Paso County economy for decades: Tri-Lakes, Monument, Black Forest, Palmer Lake to name a few.

It’s an exciting time to work and build in

northern Colorado Springs and El Paso County

And let’s not forget why we all moved here: the natural beauty our mountain/high-desert community offers. Parks, sports complexes, trails, open spaces are in every neighborhood as we seek to grow our community conscientiously and with future generations in mind.

As our business community grows, so too will our business infrastructure, such as incubators, chambers of commerce, contractors, commercial real estate, financial/lending institutions, and professional services such as health care, legal, and accounting.

Together we’re building something pretty special. Let’s stay connected and elevate each other to greater heights of success.

This micro-economy begins

This micro-economy begins with smart mixed-purpose retail and residential planning and execution, newly revamped access roadways, the introduction of brands not seen in this market prior, sophisticated and unique entertainment options, an array of family and luxury lodging options, ample shopping selection from Woodman Rd north to Northgate, and a deliberate effort to help position northern Colorado Springs as a “destination”.

Because some of the larger retailers have located here, small businesses can benefit from the increased attractions and more traffic, with their specific offerings and services. Variety, once a scarcity in northern Colorado Springs, is steadily increasing.