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This unique multimedia platform was designed for you – the amazing individuals, families, small and large businesses, schools, restaurants, sporting and cultural centers, and more, that make up this incredible community. Our content, promotions, and informational venues were chosen intentionally to reflect where we live, work, & play.


Explore – Get to know how things work and who makes them happen. Get to know interesting people. Here at North, You will learn about everything new coming to Colorado Springs.


At North, we’ll share profiles on all the new and exciting assets that have landed in our northern community and the people who bring them to us.  And let’s not forget all those wonderful places and events we’ve come to know and love before all these new opportunities arrived.  


Understand how you can get involved and write a page of Colorado history. Discover new things to do and places to visit. Rediscover the old. Plan life here!

COS: Not Just an Abbreviation

It’s A World-Class Destination


We have seen and continue to see inspired growth through the vision of community, business and land development leaders who are committed to seeing Colorado Springs grow smart and steady – through all economic seasons.  And there is so much more happening and about to happen right before our very eyes.

Natural beauty

We live in one of the most desirable places in all of the United States – perhaps even the world. We are blessed with unimaginable natural beauty surrounding us every day here at the foot of America’s Mountain.  It’s one of the main reasons we have become a destination for active outdoor lifestyles that is second to none.

The Pillars Of

Our Unique Community


Folks, we have a Space Force … a Space Force. Now hold on…Let that sink in for a second. We’re now training a branch of the Air Force that is specifically trained to work and protect our way of life … from space.  Can you even imagine what’s going to come out of this next phase of the human experience? And it’s happening here in Colorado Springs!


Our military is one of the pillars of this unique community and its success. We love our Service Members and Cadets and we want to show our appreciation through NORTH each and every month. Nominate a deserving member or team for our Service Member Spotlight!


Colorado Springs has always been of the pioneer spirit. That spirit continues to expand through innovation centers and incubators, higher education degree programs, modern day industries like cyber-security and the Space Force, renewable energy and smart building and development. Did you know, the International Space Symposium is hosted here, in COS?

The Arts & Small Businesses

Our Arts Community

Our arts community is on the precipice of another major Renaissance! That’s right we have people – entire organizations in this community who are fully dedicated to ensuring the arts and historical assets are plentiful and accessible to the entire region for decades to come.  They’ve been working at this a long time and have made major investments and strides to embrace the arts in all its genres. Learn who they are, where you can engage the arts, and how you can get involved to preserve this foundational element of our community.


One day you’re walking the dog next to an empty field, the next, you’re walking into a new shop or bistro where that same empty lot used to be. That’s right, small businesses are cropping up throughout town and are a key piece to our overall success.  We all love our big retailers, but we also love those one-of-a-kind places that can’t be found anywhere else. Get to know them here!


In recent years, Colorado Springs has made tremendous investments in our Amateur, Professional and Collegiate sporting infrastructure.  The United States Olympic Committee, 24 Olympic Sports National Governing Bodies, the US Olympic & Paralympic Museum, professional soccer (The Switchbacks), NCAA Division II sports from UCCS and Colorado College(CC) and NCAA Division I sports like CC Hockey and the US Air Force Academy Falcons athletic teams, and professional baseball (The Vibes). Let’s not forget the countless amateur and pro sports events and activities throughout the year, many of them brought to us by the Colorado Springs Sports Corporation and other civic leaders and foundations.

What's coming to The North

Our once burgeoning bedroom town has done a 180 and is now home to some of the best and most fun attractions available. Come see what’s new as well as, those attractions that made COS famous back in the day.


Not since prohibition has there been more innovation and development around two age-old industries. Now, crafters are making extraordinary libations from locally grown resources and sharing them with friends and family. It’s good to be 21 in COS.


Amazon, In-and-Out Burger and more, see Colorado Springs as the perfect place to set up their supply chain systems due to our infrastructure, desirability, geographical location, and other community incentives that make our city the choice!


There are many new and exciting restaurant venues to satisfy your palate – from famous chains to local-only eateries and specialty venues that are pure Colorado. We’ll introduce you to the chefs, bartenders, and restaurateurs that make this scene a reality.


Residential Real Estate has gone bananas in the region. Not just northern Colorado Springs, but most of El Paso County has become home for many flocking here for a betting quality of life. More home for the spend, better schools, better neighborhoods, and shorter commutes.

FLYCOS is not just a memorable motto

it’s good advice

Save time, money, and get to your destination sooner with far less hassle than any airport in the country. It’s not just a convenient place to fly in and out of, it is also one of the most visually appealing airports welcoming visitors from all over the world to the Pikes Peak experience. Why go to DIA, when COS can get you there?  No devil horse or weird murals here.



Colorado Springs boasts some of the finest men and women on the front lines of health care delivery in all of our health systems and care facilities.


Colorado Springs is home to some of the most notable sports medicine, women’s health, oncology, and pediatric health professionals in the nation.  And don’t forget our first responders – they’ll be in here too!


Colorado Springs boasts some of the finest men and women on the front lines of health care delivery in all of our health systems and care facilities.